Hochland Professional

Reliable partner for the processing industry, wholesale trade, for system gastronomy and in co-packing with best-in-class cream cheese, processed cheese and white cheese.

About Us

The Hochland Group is a family-owned company based in Heimenkirch in Allgäu. Since its foundation in 1927, the production, refinement and distribution of cheese has been our top priority. However, Hochland cheese is not only to be found in supermarkets. We are your partner for the processing industry and wholesale trade, for system gastronomy and in co-packing, which we very successfully serve with specially produced cheese products and innovative new concepts - internationally and group-wide. Cheese is our passion - and has been for over 90 years.

What we offer

Cream Cheese - mild and creamy.
Our particularly mild and creamy cream cheese is made from valuable, fresh milk and cream in our factory at Schongau. The various recipes are specially developed according to the concrete requirements of our customers and for different end products. Whether for cheesecake, antipasti, potato pockets, noodle dough fillings and others - due to the precisely coordinated application properties, we ensure smooth use by the customer. And that is what makes our cream cheese recipes so reliable.
White cheese - deliciously tasty.
Traditional recipes, high quality, reliable and versatile applications as well as the typical mild and spicy Mediterranean taste - these are the guarantees for success in the production of e.g. filled antipasti, ready-made salads, delicatessen salads and spreads, from pizza to all kinds of food combinations of typical Mediterranean style. Whatever the format, the result is definitely something to be proud of and tastes good: Our white cheese is produced from cow's milk in form of blocks, slices and cubes - tailored to your application or production possibilities.
Processed Cheese - to melt away.
Are you looking for high-quality processed cheese products because quality and taste are crucial for you? Found! With an extra high natural cheese content and outstanding product characteristics in terms of melting ability and taste, we produce different processed cheese variants: Our premium processed cheese slices (SliceOnSlice) and our Cheddar Cheese Sauce are both perfectly suited for the production of burgers, hotdogs, toasts and sandwiches as well as for a whole range of other applications, e.g. in bakeries, bakery stores and airline catering. Used together - unbeatable in taste and juiciness.

Production & Locations

To make good cheese, you need calm, care, cheese know-how and years of experience. At all our locations, we have been producing a wide variety of cheese categories such as cream cheese, white cheese and processed cheese for decades. Are you looking for another cheese? We can do more - just contact us.

Processed Cheese & hard and semi-hard Cheese
Site in Heimenkirch
In 1931, the group's first cheese factory was opened in Heimenkirch in Allgäu. Here, our employees do not only produce high-quality processed cheese for industry and gastronomy, but also process and package the best hard and semi-hard cheeses. Heimenkirch, about 20 kilometers from Lake Constance, is today the headquarter of Hochland SE, Hochland Deutschland GmbH and Hochland Natec GmbH.
Cream Cheese & White Cheese
Site in Schongau
Schongau is located in the Upper Bavarian foothills of the Alps, very close to the famous royal castles of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau. The Hochland plant, built in 1997, is one of the most important production facilities for cream cheese and white cheese in Europe. In addition to our great products for industry and gastronomy, the famous Alpine fresh cheese for the Almette brand is also produced here.
Soft Cheese & Cream Cheese
Site in Dieue-sur-Meuse
The Fromagerie Henri Hutin is situated among the hills of Lorraine near Verdun. Founded in 1922, the cheese plant became a member of the Hochland Group in 1978. Creamy soft cheese specialities, some of them under the popular Valbrie brand, and spicy cream cheese are manufactured here according to traditional recipes. Fromagerie Henri Hutin is the first major cheese manufacturer in France to have a non-GMO production.
Processed Cheese
Site in Kaźmierz
Hochland began doing business in Central and Eastern Europe early on – and was instantly successful. Poland was the starting point. Hochland cheese is available on the Polish market since the 1990s. Today, Hochland operates two production sites in Poland and is market leader in cheese. In Kaźmierz near Poznan, Hochland Polska operates a production facility for processed cheese.
Cream Cheese & hard and semi-hard Cheese
Site in Węgrów
In 2002, the Hochland Group acquired a plant in Wȩgrów. The cheese factory near Warsaw produces cream cheese and hard and semi-hard cheese, some of which is used as raw material for the production in Kaźmierz. Wȩgrów received the certificate for non-GMO production in 2017.
Processed Cheese
Site in Sighişoara
In Romania, Hochland is the No. 1 processed cheese and cream cheese manufacturer. Since 1998 the company has been producing processed cheese for the Romanian market in Sighişoara in Transylvania. The factory is located in the middle of a traditional dairy area. Sighişoara is also the headquarters of Hochland România. The old town of Sighişoara has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999.