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    Processed cheese IWS

    Processed cheese – IWS (individually wrapped slices)

    Our processed cheese IWS convince with an excellent price/performance ratio. Used primarily for burgers, toasts, sandwiches and gratins, as well in bakeries and for a number of other food applications. Their appetising appearance, perfect taste and exceptional functionality in cold and warm applications will boost both sales and efficiency in any fast paced restaurant kitchen.

    IWS – Cheese slices, 800g

    Fat in dry matter35 % (milk fat) / 48 % (vegetable fat)
    Weight per unit800 g
    Pack format48 slices per SKU
    Slice format84 x 84 mm, 16.6 g per slice
    Delivery unit8 pcs per carton
    Carton net6.4 kg/ carton
    Cartons/ pallet120 cartons
    Container/ 40 ft reefer20.4 tons net (floor loading)/
    25.2 tons net (floor loading)/
    17.7 tons net (pallet loading)
    Shelf life365 days at + 2°C to + 8°C
    no preservatives